About Us

How did it all commence?


The Days of King Zvonimir were created after the completion of the musical project “King Zvonimir”. It was a three-year project funded by the Ministry of Education. The enthusiasts gathered in the Cultural-Arts Society King Zvonimir continue to cultivate the idea of revitalized history at the Knin Fortress in partnership with the Tourist Board of Knin, the city of Knin and the Museum in Knin.

The Legend of King Zvonimir and Queen Jelena “The Beautiful” is preserved through medieval sections responsible for the training of swordsman, archers and acting sections. All these activities contribute to the historical and touristic promotion of the Knin.

In 2018, the association Historic Guard of King Zvonimir was founded with organization of medieval events like this as their main goal, in cooperation with town administration of Knin. Also the association serves as host to many knight groups from Croatia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since 2016, the event is sponsored by the president of Croatia Kolinda Grabar Kitarović. In this 2018, the association began with organization of “Little Zvonimir’s Day” – one day event dedicated to our little ones – little knights from all over Croatia.

What to expect?


Knin Fortress is the largest fortification fort in Croatia and second largest preserved fortification fort in Europe. The event is organized in the style of the 11th century, King Zvonimir’s time, making the Fortress more attractive to its visitors. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the history, tradition and cultural heritage of the Croatian royal town of Knin and the Fortress.

“Our Lady” is protector of Historic Guard of King Zvonimir, and Her figure was found in archeological place st. Mary in Biskupija, where one day event is going to be organized. The event “Zvonimirovi dani” is just an introduction to Zvonimir’s summer, where we will continue to offer medieval activities.

While visiting The Fortress of Knin with Knights of King Zvonimir as your hosts, you can hang out with  King Zvonimir and Queen Jelena The Beautiful, as well as  wear a  king’s or queen’s cloak and just for a minute rule the Fortress. You can also participate in archery, try out guillotine or a pillar of shame,  enjoy a knight’s tournament, a spectacle with fire and a recreation of siege of The Fortress. For children there is also a medieval roller coaster as well as a medieval park with all kinds of medieval games.